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iphoneme.it is an e-commerce service through which any user, individual or company, through the website, can purchase smartphones and Refurbished computers.
Users can take advantage of a fast, clear and transparent, offered by a team oriented to customer satisfaction.
iphoneme.it is a trademark of MyPhone Srls property.
iphoneme.it also provides logistical support and assistance to the efficient and free customer through strategic partnerships that triggered and which guarantee the high quality standards of the entire purchasing process.
What is a Refurbished iPhone?
A reconditioned smartphone is a mobile phone used that has been regenerated, sanitized and returned to its original factory operating conditions. A refurbished mobile presents minimal signs of wear and no technical problem: from this point of view is comparable to a new cell and never used. Buy a Refurbished Cell saves on average 30/40% compared to the price of the new, as well as being an excellent initiative to protect the environment.
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